Death by Suicide

Suicide is preventable, but sometimes people just do not realize that.  Sometimes I think people just ignore warning signs, as if it will just go away and the person will get better without acknowledging it.  It doesn’t just go away, and a person showing signs of suicidal thoughts should be taken very seriously.

Jeret Peterson

There have recently been a couple of cases of “celebrity” suicides.  I used to think “that’s a shame” when I would hear of a celebrity death, whether it was suicide, drug overdose, whatever.  Now that I have been working on healing and fixing myself, these kinds of stories break my heart.  Jeret Peterson is one of the suicides that have affected me today.  As I was searching for suicide related articles and websites, I came across a 911 call Jeret made right before he killed himself by gunshot.  The pain in his voice, and the emotion was terribly hard to hear.  What could bring such a wonderful athlete, and apparent awesome person in general, to such drastic measures?  There was a suicide note, but it is not being released (It shouldn’t be, in my opinion.  That is a personal thing that only his family and friends should have to know about).  Were there signs that couple have led people to know how he was feeling, and then to help?

Hideki Irabu

Hideki Irabu also committed suicide recently.  Irabu was thought of as the Japanese Nolan Ryan, he was that good and promising.  Everyone thought he was destined to become a hall-of-famer, but his career never really took off.  George Steinbrenner labeled him a “fat-pussy toad,” which according to people who knew him, cut into pretty deep.  He never was able to turn himself around, and he retired in 2003.  His in an apparent suicide as of right now, since it’s still being investigated, but by the way people talk about how his spirit being broken due to his career and other personal things, it could very well be a suicide.  He was so promising, but something kept him from growing to his full potential.  Whether it was his mind, or his game, it broke his spirit.  Did he also show signs of suicide that could have been noticed and helped?

Around one million people throughout the world die from suicide, which equals 1 suicide every 40 seconds.  The suicide rate has jumped around 60% in the last 45 years, due to a number of reasons, and is the third leading cause of death among people aged 15-44 (World Health Organization).  Over the last few years, there have been an alarming number of suicides among teens.  I do not know if children and teens are experiencing more stress and pressure these days, but it seems like a lot of these people do not know how to cope.  We need to teach our children how to deal with stressors, and to know that suicide is not the only way to end the pain.  Bullying has led many teens as of late to suicide.  I was bullied in high school, but not physically.  I was teased, rumors were spread about me, and I was taunted.  It never brought me to suicide, or to even think about it, but I can see how it could.  Teens who are already down on themselves will take things to heart.  Teens who do not know how to cope will seek a way out.

There was a young girl in my hometown who committed suicide late last year.  I wont mention her name out of respect for her family.  According to those who knew her, she was loved by everyone, athletic, smart, and a very kind and warm person.  I do not know much about what led her to suicide, but it’s very tragic.  Such a young girl with such a promising life ahead of her thought the only way out of whatever pain she was dealing with was suicide.  What caused her to think this way, and were there signs?

Everyone needs to educate themselves on the warning signs of suicide.  Not everyone can be saved, but maybe if more people knew the signs then one more person could still be alive.  We need to teach our kids how to cope, and we need to show them that it’s OK to feel depressed and sad.  It’s also OK to talk about it.

One of my fears as a mother with depression is that my daughter will suffer from it one day, maybe as a teen.  I worry that she wont feel comfortable talking to me or anyone, and think her only way to stop the pain is through suicide.  I want her to know that talking and asking for help is good, and that she should never feel alone.  Things will get better.

You can’t see the rainbow without going through the storm.


One thought on “Death by Suicide

  1. out of all the words you typed out…. one thing stands out to me and i PRAY that your daughter 1)never has to bare this burden but 2) if she does, i hope that she is able to be open about it. i PRAY that my son will not go through it either since me and my mom suffer so bad from it. i PRAY that he never has to see me the same way that i saw my mom growing up and i PRAY that for your daughter too.

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