Posted in August 2011

I’ve Got This

When I first started taking my new medication, I was feeling very flat.  It was unnerving, and a bit overwhelming.  I had been on a never-ending ride on the emotional roller coaster for so long, it was strange to not feel that way, to not feel much of anything.  Well, times have changed! I started … Continue reading

Positive Wednesday

It’s Positive Wednesday!  It’s time to think positive, and be positive.  What are some positives for you this week? Here are mine: Positive #1: My husband will be home tomorrow!  He has been out in the field (training out in the desert, like they would in a deployment, for you civilian folk) for about ten … Continue reading

Let Us Laugh

I had a long weekend, and now it’s Monday.  Good ol’ Monday.  I start a new long week of school, kiddo goes back to pre-school, and sometime this week husband comes home.  So, in order to stay motivated for the week, I want to laugh.  I want to laugh, and then feel good, and attack … Continue reading

Single Parenting and Depression

I had originally set out to write a researched entry on postpartum depression in single parents.  I had hoped to find statistics, why it’s more prevalent in single parents, etc.  I was not able to come up with a consistent reading on the matter.  Everything was contradicting.  One article claimed single parents suffered more than … Continue reading

The Lowest Point: 1 Month Later

Today is an important day for me.  Not only is it Friday (YAY!), but it is a day of reflection. One month ago today, I wrote about my experience with dark thoughts towards my daughter.  It was really difficult to write about, as I had never talked about it before but with only a couple … Continue reading

Back At Square One

The title is a little misleading.  I am not completely back to square one, as I am not the kind of depressed I was after kiddo was born.  I am back to square one in my therapy search. A good therapist is hard to find.  I do not know that for a fact, since I … Continue reading

Positive Wednesday

I am starting a new segment in my blog called Positive Wednesday.  This is about the point of the week where I start to feel negative, and stressing about the week.  Maybe if I post some positive things about what I may be going through that week, it will help motivate me to power on … Continue reading

Flat Nicole

Unfortunately, I am not like Flat Stanley in the sense that I do not get to travel the world, and see great sights.  Instead, I feel two-dimensional.  Since being on the Prozac, my roller coaster of emotions is gone, and a flatness has taken its place.  That’s not to say that I haven’t felt some … Continue reading

More Than Just Strangers

Twitter has always been a place, to me anyway, where people go to “follow” celebrities, and where said celebrities generally tweet about nothing important.  I have avoided that form of social media for quite some time, until I started this blog.  Facebook is composed of my friends and family; some are strangers but I have … Continue reading

My One Monthiversary!

Today is the one monthiversary of this wonderful blog!  Thank you everyone who keeps coming back and reading.  I feel like I have grown, not just as a person, but as a writer too.  This has been great at helping me heal, and it has even helped a few women!  That is the most important … Continue reading