More Than Just Strangers

Twitter has always been a place, to me anyway, where people go to “follow” celebrities, and where said celebrities generally tweet about nothing important.  I have avoided that form of social media for quite some time, until I started this blog.  Facebook is composed of my friends and family; some are strangers but I have “known” them for years through a Marine wife website.  Twitter is composed of strangers whom I have found to be just like me:  Caring, honest women who have suffered from postpartum depression.  This weekend, I was in awe of their power.

A woman was having troubles, and made some tweets that called for help.  She was in distress, and dealing with postpartum.  The tweets contained the tag #PPDChat, any the many women who follow that tag responded with love and kindness.  People who have probably never even met showered this woman with the kind of love and support you generally only find from family and very close friends.  Because of this strength behind her, she was able to admit herself into a hospital for treatment.  She is on her way to healing, and she will survive.

How amazing and wonderful are these women?  They may not know you personally, but they will stand with you as you fight through this horrible illness.  They will love and support you, even without laying eyes on you, or shaking your hand.  THAT is true love and friendship; a kinship only people who have suffered through the same ordeal can understand.  I am proud to know such women.

When I was suffering through postpartum, I did not know about this tag in Twitter.  I did not know about the women’s blogs, and did not know about the kind of support that’s out there.  While I think it’s important to be open about PPD with your family and close friends, I think having that Army of women whom you may never meet behind you is important too.  My family will never understand what I went through, though they know because I have shared it.  These women do, and that is important in getting over that hurdle that prevents us from seeking treatment.  Knowing that there are women out there holding my hand and supporting me would have helped immensely.

To the women (and probably some men) of #PPDChat:  You are amazing, and I am glad to have found you.  I want to be part of your Army, and show that same love and support.  Thank you for being a great resource, and a great love.  Please keep up the amazing support and love you have shown to so many.  It is truly inspirational.


2 thoughts on “More Than Just Strangers

  1. I had that same opinion about twitter, too. Until I actually started using it. There is some useful stuff out there and I’m glad you found some additional support. Kind of like group therapy, huh?

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