Flat Nicole

Flat Stanley

Unfortunately, I am not like Flat Stanley in the sense that I do not get to travel the world, and see great sights.  Instead, I feel two-dimensional.  Since being on the Prozac, my roller coaster of emotions is gone, and a flatness has taken its place.  That’s not to say that I haven’t felt some happiness.  I laughed really hard, and had a good time with kiddo yesterday before preschool.  It lasted for about 30 minutes, and went back to being Flat Nicole.

I am starting to feel a bit uneasy about the flatness.  It doesn’t feel normal, but what do I know about normal?  I am told it takes a few weeks for the Prozac to take full effect and work into my system, so maybe the flatness will go away.  Or maybe the dosage is too high.  I am not sure, but thankfully I have an appointment with the doctor on Thursday.  I can bring it all up then and get some answers.

I had a great chat last night with the ladies of #PPDChat, and I felt so good after.  I felt refreshed and at ease with how I have been feeling.  It felt good to talk to people who have been there, and felt that.  This morning is a different ball game.  I am exhausted, which is nothing new as of late, but I am so tired of it.  Even when doing simple things, I find myself drained and exhausted, as if I had been working outside in the heat all day.  Going for a walk feels like running a marathon, reading for my class was almost impossible, and I just want to sleep.  This can’t be normal, or the normal I am supposed to feel.

I do not know if it’s the depression making me feel this way, or the medications, but something has to give.  I do not know how much longer I can keep feeling this way.  It’s stressful after a while, not knowing when I can have my energy back, or when I wont feel so flat.  Hopefully Thursday I can get some answers, though I am sure I will be told to wait and see.  Sigh, and yawn.

**I’m sorry if this is more of a vent, or seems scatter brained.  My mind has been out there lately.  My friend asked me a question yesterday, and had to ask three times before I understand what she was saying.  I heard every word, but my brain just didn’t know what was going on.  Bare with me as I figure out what’s going on.**


15 thoughts on “Flat Nicole

    • Thank you. I am just ready for it to be better now, but that is just a dream, I guess. It’s not all bad, I could be feeling like I did off the medications. I definitely do not want that. I just don’t want to be tired anymore, and to feel a little bit normal. Just writing this is exhausting. LOL

      • just because something is a dream doesn’t mean it won’t come true. It seems like you’re doing the best you can do, and more often than not, that is exactly and all that is required. Peace 🙂

  1. Hang in there, my friend. Give it about a week, and if you still feel off, go back to your doctor and ask if the type of medication and/or dosage are the correct one for you. Write down how you feel each day, so you can bring it and show it to the doctor with you on your next visit.

    I was given Prozac for my PPD, but it turned out that I didn’t react well to it. So my doctor switched me to Zoloft, which suited me better. Having said that, these meds do take some time in order for you to see the real effects.

    Please know that we are here for you, we understand how you feel, and that you are not alone.


    • Thank you. I have an appointment on Thursday for it, it’s been scheduled since I started the medications. I am willing to wait it out, and see if it gets better, and hope it gets better. It has to, right?

  2. I love your analogy to Flat Stanley. That is how it feels sometimes. The thing is to be patient, see if it resolves, and keep talking to your doctor! I hope he or she helps on Thursday!

  3. I believe my dad was on Prozac at some point, then went down to Saint Johns Wort, then off all. I believe he returned to Saint Johns Wort recently. I’m not a Doc, but I think it’s more natural than Prozac. I believe I’ve heard about the flatness in regards to Prozac. Good Luck and don’t stop asking questions to the Doc and or Doc’s

  4. Oddly enough since the altercation among my pets my boy cats are both on Prozac AND Lorazapam to keep them from killing the dog. I’ve noticed they seem pretty “flat” too. Xerxes doesn’t come in for his nightly belly rubs and drool fest, Jasio just sits on the couch and looks like pillow.
    I feel like they’re not my boys anymore and we’re making adjustments (well, Xerxes is going off the lorazapam) and once Jasio stops hissing at the dog he’s going off it too. If he does well Xerxes’ dose is going to be halved (*fingers crossed*)
    Good luck with dosage adjustment, it takes some twiddling to get these right since everyone’s brain chemistry is different and responds a little differently to the medications. You’re on the right path and you’ll be walking in the sunshine soon!

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