Positive Wednesday

I am starting a new segment in my blog called Positive Wednesday.  This is about the point of the week where I start to feel negative, and stressing about the week.  Maybe if I post some positive things about what I may be going through that week, it will help motivate me to power on through the rest.  Maybe it will help you too!  If you have something positive to say about the week, post it!

Positive #1:

Since being on the medication, and a higher dosage, I have not been on an emotional roller coaster.  Because of that, I have more time and energy to focus on other things.  For example, I have more energy to play with my daughter, and teach her things like her letters and numbers.  Not only has her writing and counting improved, but her attitude has too.  Is she still a 16-year-old girl trapped in a 4-year-old’s body? Yes, but it’s far from the outcry from before.  She’s more calm, with less temper tantrums.  This makes for a happy mommy, and a happy house.  I am so proud of her.

Positive #2:

I am enjoying my course work!  OK,  not the group debate work, but everything else is awesome.  I feel smart again, like I have a brain, and it still works.  In one of my courses, I get to talk about social problems, and if you know me, you know how excited this makes me!  It’s hard work, and I am stressing about writing my research papers, but it feels good to feel smart.  I haven’t felt that the last four years.  Not that raising my daughter and staying home with her isn’t great, but it’s not exactly mind stretching talking to a toddler.  She’s smart, but she can’t discuss these kinds of things with me.

Positive #3:

I get our California king size bed all to myself.  Why is this a positive? Because I like to use that one when my husband is gone, either for training or deployment.  It helps put a positive spin on his absence.  Plus, I do not have to worry about rolling over onto his side, and taking up most of the bed.  He can’t complain when he’s not here!

Positive #4:

I go to my doctor tomorrow to discuss my medications.  I have been feeling kind of uneasy about the flatness I have been feeling, so going to talk to her tomorrow will help alleviate any kind of worry I may have.

Positive #5:

If I ever need to vent or talk, I have some amazing friends.  My BFF’s are just a call away, and my new #ppdchat mamas are just a tweet away.  It’s so reassuring to know I have support and love at my finger tips.  It makes the every day stressors easier to manage.

Those are my positives.  It’s nice to have good things to think about when life gets a little stressful.  Do you have any positives to share?


12 thoughts on “Positive Wednesday

  1. It’s beautiful outside, my health is good, my family loves me, I’ve got a great cat, though he’s starting to beg again because I made the mistake of giving him a piece of turkey the other day, something I had stopped giving him a while back because HE IS ADDICTED TO IT!! And starts to beg all the time, and when I say beg I do not mean meow, he is fairly silent for the most part. What I mean is he sits directly in the middle of the kitchen for 20 minutes and stares at you if you go in there. Begging is a pet peeve, lol. He’s more like a gargoyle than a cat when it comes to begging. He sits like stone never moving.

    Nice post

  2. Being realistically positive is a smart move. I’m always leery of the usual “think positive” mentalities since I feel that it disconnects me from being realistic about the circumstances that I’m in. But when I am down, I usually recall the positive words that my psychologist usually gives me with respect to how fast and how far I’ve come in just 9 months. It also keeps things in perspective where I know that being depressed is the normal course of my week to week life, so the fact that I’ve mitigated most of it is positive enough for me to feel better.

  3. I love this post! Sometimes when we spend so much time in darkness it is hard to see the positive in our lives . . . and there is always positive.

    It is awesome that you are so enjoying classes. I am having similar feelings here at work today so I totally get where you are coming from.

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