Positive Wednesday

It’s Positive Wednesday!  It’s time to think positive, and be positive.  What are some positives for you this week?

Here are mine:

Positive #1:

My husband will be home tomorrow!  He has been out in the field (training out in the desert, like they would in a deployment, for you civilian folk) for about ten days, so kiddo and I are both ready to have him back.  I am sure he is ready to take a shower, and sleep in a comfy bed!

Positive #2:

Husband should have a long weekend this coming weekend!  Most likely it’s a three-day weekend, but there are rumors it’s a four-day.  Either way, we will take it!

Positive #3:

I am doing well in school!  Granted, it’s only week three.  However, I am thinking clearly, and making good grades on my assignments and quizzes.  I even got a 6.25 out of 7 on group work that I was worried about!  Not too shabby for a scattered brain.  🙂

Positive #4:

I survived my first time alone with kiddo since starting medications again.  No overblown anger or irritation, no sadness for no reason.  I was able to focus, have fun, be a good mom, and go about our normal life with minimal change and interruption.  Even 6.5 hours in the ER for kiddo’s strep throat didn’t phase me.  Rock On!

Your turn!  Share something positive that you’ve got going on this week.  Let’s stay motivated!


One thought on “Positive Wednesday

  1. All awesome things! I can imagine that you and kiddo must be very excited about the return of you husband.

    Positive #4 made me smile. What a great feeling that must have been . . . finally feeling more like yourself again and parenting the way that you want to.

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