Positive Wednesday!


Today is Positive Wednesday!  I will be honest, I am having a hard time thinking positive today.  I feel like my depression is creeping in again, and there isn’t anything I can do about it.  However, in the spirit of being positive, I shall try!

My Positives for the week:

Positive #1:

I have A’s in my classes, with room to wiggle.  It’s nice knowing I can misstep, and still do well right now.  Not that I want to, it’s just nice knowing I am OK.

Positive #2:

I am working on losing some weight.  Husband and I are going to the Marine Corps Ball in November, and I want to look awesome.  I haven’t been in a few years (since I was pregnant, actually), and I don’t really want to go, but I look forward to the time with husband.

Positive #3:

I am alive, and kiddo is healthy, and doing well.  She loves going to pre-school, and I love some quiet time.

It’s not much, but those are my positives this week.  What are yours?


12 thoughts on “Positive Wednesday!

  1. Excellent. It is fantastic to remind ourselves of the good so we see a slight glimmer of light and hope when we are surrounded by the bad and ickky stuff. These sound like some fantastic positives to me!

  2. My positives:

    –No one, aside from my daughter, has strep throat. (Miracle!)

    –I got some good blogging news (will share later)

    –the week is more than half over.

  3. First off, these are all good things to be happy about and I’m glad you have them! I have to say though that taking time out of your week to reflect upon what positive things have happened to you recently is a pretty awesome concept. Lately I’ve been feeling rather sad but I think I’m going to start doing what you do and think of the positive things rather than talking myself down on the negative things (what a novel concept, eh?).

    Also, I have to say, I just kind of stumbled upon your blog… keep up the awesome work. Really. Reading the posts I have has made me feel just a bit more hopeful… and although I feel this comment might be cliche, I felt the need to let you know that what you do *does* affect other people, even those who might have visited for two minutes. 🙂

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