She Needs Her Mommy

This is my attempt at putting down my thoughts today in a new form.  I’m not poetic, but I tried.  That’s all I can do, is try. I’m not suicidal, please do not be scared. I will own it and say I did think it would be easier, but the lines in the poem after that are exactly the thoughts I had after.

Depression hurts.

Anxiety ravages my body.

I can’t control it.  Not today.

Deep sadness overwhelms me.

My body hurts, but wont be still.

My mind is racing.  Thoughts I can’t control.

Too much to do.  Not enough time.

Not enough energy, or care.

It’s too hard sometimes.

I feel so alone.

Life would be easier without the pain.

So easy to just end the sadness.

Make the pain go away.

Easier for who?  Myself?

Yes, but only myself.

So much pain for my family, and friends.

I would miss so much.

My daughter needs me.

She needs her mommy.

She needs me to try.

I will try.  For her.

She needs her mommy.


10 thoughts on “She Needs Her Mommy

  1. You are right, she does need mommy, so much. I get the anxiety. I do. I get the depression and suicidal ideations. I will tell you it gets easier when you’re not fighting the suicidal thoughts and I’ve been pronised the anxiety gets better too.

  2. This entire world needs you. It wouldn’t be the same without you in it.
    She needs you.
    You are worth this fight.
    It’s sucks. I know. But never give up fighting for you and for Her. She needs you.

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