With Love and Support

It’s Suicide Prevention Week, and I must be in a poetic mood.  This is a message of love and support to anyone who is in that dark place.  With love and support, you are not alone.

You are beautiful

Inside and out.

You love so much.  And care.

You give so much of yourself.

If you left us behind.

It’s hard to imagine.

The world would go grey.

The sun would fade.

No more blue skies.

Your love would be lost.

So many tears would fall.

The world needs you

and your light.

I wish you could see that.

It may seem dark now

and impossible.

You can move forward

with strength.  And love.

You can overcome.

With love and support.

You are not alone.

Please hang on

and shine brighter than ever.

With love and support.

You are not alone.


7 thoughts on “With Love and Support

  1. the beginning of today was bad, all things went wrong.when i read your words.i know i should make the rest of the day brighter. it reminds me of a poem.here it goes,

    With legs to take me where i go,
      with eyes to see the sunset’s glow,
      with ears to hear what i would know.
      Forgive me when i whine.
      I’m bless indeed.
      Everything’s gonna be fine.

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