Fears vs. Dreams

Fear:  Falling victim to Postpartum Depression again.

Dream:  To grow our family, and have another baby.


Fear:  My anxiety taking over, and keeping me from helping others.

Dream:  Becoming a Social Worker, and helping those less fortunate.


Fear:  Getting off my medication, and falling into the darkness again.

Dream:  Getting off, or staying on, my medication, and being me again!


Fear:  Letting my depression, anxiety, and fear control me.

Dream:  Kicking them down, keeping them down, and living my life fearless.


This post inspired by To Write Love On Her Arms: Fears vs. Dreams!  What’s your biggest fear?  What’s your greatest dream?





5 thoughts on “Fears vs. Dreams

  1. Fear: I’ll never be able to just be happy with my life or that I’ll never stop worrying.

    Dream: To either work as a leadership consultant for my fraternity or working with college kids on my campus and empowering people to follow their aspirations, to be kind, and find peace with myself.

    Also, do you participate in the “To Write Love On Her Arms” thing earlier in the year where you write “love” on your arm to show your support to the cause? Just a random question. 🙂

  2. Fear, hmm… Well, I’d like for my Mom to live for a while longer, she is older, but seems good… She is my best friend

    Dream… To keep being who I am, and Writing, Writing, Writing

  3. I fear losing the man I love … I am a mother of 5 kids an he has none .. I fear ill lose him .. that he will wake up one day an realize this is not the life he wants ..I fear bieng hurt ..all my life I’ve been hurt .. never happy … I don’t want to hurt nomore .. I’m insecure ..

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