Positive Wednesday


Today is Positive Wednesday!  You know what that means:  What do you have to be positive this week?  Here’s mine:

Positive #1:

I took my Writing Competency Test yesterday, and feel good about it.  It’s a graduation requirement, so feeling good about it is hopefully a good sign.


Positive #2:

My finals are in two weeks!  While some might think this is no something to look forward to, I welcome it with open arms.  It means I do not have to read about personality theories anymore.  I wonder what Freud would think of that.


Positive #3:

I started writing one of my term papers yesterday!  I have been procrastinating, so the fact that the first couple pages are done is exciting for me.


Positive #4:

I am looking forward to being a mommy X2.  No, it wont happen this week, obviously.  It still makes me feel good to think about.  🙂


Positive #5:

I started eating better this week.  I am taking baby steps towards losing weight.  I did it before, I can do it again!


Share!  What are your positives this week?  Even if you’re not feeling very positive, dig deep and find something.  You never know, it might make you feel a little better.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Positive Wednesday

  1. Conrats on the Writing Competency Test and good luck wrapping up your courses!

    Speaking of language tests…it’s funny..I am planning to take a Japanese Competency Test this December so I’ve been having a lot of fun studying lately but anyway…one of the example questions in the textbook I got was all about living by your own standards at work and not letting other coworkers’ opinions corrupt or interpret your goals and their results. I read this question about a month ago and I thought it was just genius. Until then I had been dreading work, but now I am going at it as my own person and living by my standards. It’s made the harder times so much more easier to know that I don’t have to be perfect, and that I can learn from the mistakes I make. I’ve been living by my own standards at work for almost a month now. It’s great 🙂

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