Share! Tell the Media to Do Better!

A new blog entry on one of my favorite Postpartum Depression blogs/resources has caught my eye today, and I hope everyone will share it.  Katherine Stone from Postpartum Progress wrote about a recent segment on Anderson Cooper’s newest daytime show.  Please follow this link, and read it, share it:  Anderson Cooper & Dr. Sanjay Gupta On Placentas & Postpartum Depression.

The talk on placentas, and women eating them to prevent postpartum depression is fine, if research and other information had been provided.  Not once did they ever address postpartum depression in a serious tone.  Instead, it was used as supplemental language in a segment on placenta eating.

I would have expected more from Dr. Gupta, being a doctor and all.  There may not be much research on the benefits, or lack thereof, on placenta eating to prevent postpartum depression, but they could have addressed the seriousness of PPD.  Especially since 1 MILLION women in the United States ALONE suffer every year from it.  1 MILLION!!

I think Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta need to revisit the topic of PPD.  Talk about the seriousness, what it is exactly, how it affects women and their families, the darkness that comes with it.  Have women on the show that have experienced it on different levels, from dark thoughts to dark actions.  Bring in experts, and talk about treatment options.  Let women know they are not alone in this!

While I understand that as men you may not fully and truly understand PPD, as members of the media I expect more thoughtful and detailed attention to a topic as serious as Postpartum Depression.

Let’s let them know how we feel!  Not just Mr. Cooper and Dr. Gupta, but all members of the media.  Share this blog entry, share Katherine’s more!  Twitter and Facebook are great places to share, and bring attention to it.  This is our chance to get this conversation into mainstream media.  More attention needs to be brought to this topic, to shed more light on it, and to let more women know they are not alone in their suffering, and that it can get better.  Please, help us spread the word.


4 thoughts on “Share! Tell the Media to Do Better!

  1. I haven’t suffered from it, but I have known women that have, and I have seen the effect it has on them and on their families. Of course many people, including men, don’t understand that- but then most of them think you just have to pick yourselves up by the bootstraps (male connotation) and you’ll be fine. *sigh*

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