It’s Week 8!

You’re probably wondering what the title means, or thinking “So?”  Today is Monday of Week 8, which means this is the last week of my first term back in college!  Why am I celebrating the first day of my last week, instead of waiting until the end, when my finals are done?

Why not?!

This term has been a tough one for me.  Not only was it my first time back in college in YEARS, but it was the first time I have ever had to manage studying, kiddo, and depression all at once.  I have not taken courses since a couple of years before kiddo was born, which means I have also not fought depression while trying to learn.

The beginning of the term, I wasn’t on medications yet, or in therapy.  I started therapy  a week or so after I started school, and then started medications a week after that.  It took a few weeks for my meds to kick in and level out in my system, so the first month was tough.  I felt flat, and had no energy, but I wasn’t feeling the deep sadness and mood swings anymore.  That definitely helped me keep going.

This term was definitely a learning experience for me.  Not only have I have learned how to better manage my time between school, family, and “me” time, but I have learned what my priorities are.  I have learned that I am not perfect, and trying my best is good enough.  I have learned that I still have a brain, and can think intelligently still, even after all these years of kiddo talk.  I have also learned that I am worthy of whatever happiness and experiences that may come my way, and I should accept them with open arms.

School work makes me happy.  I never thought I would ever say that, but it’s true.  I enjoy using my mind, and writing.  It makes me happy to see my work, no matter how little the grade counts for, have such positive remarks on it from my professors.  I put thought and work into those assignments, and it feels good to see those high grades.  🙂

I am tooting my own horn even before I take my finals, but I feel like the last 8 weeks have been a success.  No matter how good or poor I do on my tests, I have learned a lot about myself, and what I can accomplish.  I plan on taking everything into the next term with me, and doing even better than this term.  Maybe I will even make the Dean’s List, but that’s not really important.  What’s important is that I try my best, study as much as I can, spend time with my family, find quiet time for me, and remember that I still have a brain.  It even still functions!

It’s Week 8!  It’s Week 8!  It’s Week 8!!!!


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