Positive Wednesday


Today is Positive Wednesday!  The universe is in major need of some positivity, and what better day to do that?  Here we go!

Positive #1:

I finished my first class, mostly.  I still have a discussion response to do, but everything else, including the final, is done.  I don’t know how I did, but I am remaining positive that I got at least a “B.”  lol

Positive #2:

I get a week off next week!  I think a nap sometime while kiddo is in school is in order.  Just because I can.

Positive #3:

There is so much support at my finger tips, it’s unbelievable.  I asked for well wishes yesterday, and got them almost instantly.  Mamas ask for support, and get it almost instantly.  We PPD mamas have a special bond.  We may not know each other outside of the internets, but we are truly friends who support and love one another.  That bond makes my heart swell.

Positive #4:

I am positive and hopeful that Pam can feel and see how much love and support she has right now, and always.  ❤



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