Positive Wednesday


Today is Wednesday, so let’s find the positive in our week!

Positive #1:

I feel good.  I have been eating well, and within my Weight Watchers points, and I feel so good.  Still tired, as I am every day, but my body feels good.

Positive #2:

I am enjoying my classes this term.  I think I found my niche.  I was meant to study Sociology.

Positive #3:

My relationship with my husband feels so much stronger than it did around this time last year.  I was in a bad place, which wasn’t unusual, but I just wasn’t feeling that connection.  I blame all the time we played the game instead of being together.  I feel like I did when we first got together.  We’ve been married 8 years, and I think we made it through the 7 year itch.


What are your positives for this week?


4 thoughts on “Positive Wednesday

  1. Yay for solid marriages. The best ones are the ones that can weather the toughest storms. So glad that you both made it through.
    I really loved soc in school. Very interesting.
    I need to get on my healthy eating. It just sucks when all the yummy fall baked goodies are so tempting 🙂

  2. C and i have been married for 15 years. And some of them have been very hard years, usually because i put myself before her. As a result, i’ve come to realize that a good marriage is one wherein the one is places the other before themselves.

    And for that, no calculator was required =)

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