For Charity

The sun may not always shine.

Life may seem too hard.

But you have me.

My shoulder is soft for you to cry on,

And my arms are good for hugs.

My heart is open to help ease your pain,

And my back is strong to carry you through.

You have so much love and support.

Not just today, but everyday.

Raise your head up,

and keep that chin high.

You deserve every bit

Of the love raining down on you.

Hold my hand, and walk with me.

We will get through this darkness together.

One step at a time.

This poem is for Charity, AKA @signingcharity.  Today may be rough, but I am here for you.  You have been so uplifting and supportive through my times of anxiety and sadness.  You have helped me #tacopunch my way through, and you have done the same for so many other of us PPD mamas.

Thank you.  Thank you for being that support we need in our tough times.  I hope I have done the same for you.  You deserve every bit of love we have to show you today.  You can make it through today, and you will come out of it stronger, and even more amazing.






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