Positive Wednesday


It’s Wednesday!  Let us all cheer!  If only because it’s the middle of the week, and almost the weekend!  WOOHOO!  🙂

Positive #1:

I lost 2 pounds last week, and trying my best to do it again this week.  I’m not in the best place mentally thanks to my PMDD, so I haven’t been working out, which I realize is counterproductive, but whatever.  I have been eating well, and listening to my body.  I only eat when I am hungry, and only eat enough to satisfy.

Positive #2:

I’m doing well in my classes, and it’s already week 3.  Yikes! I am struggling to stay motivated, but I am pushing through.

Positive #3:

I am thankful for my friends.  My real life friends, and my friends on the internet.  Yes, you can have real relationships with people on the internet.  I have never seen them in person, nor have I actually heard their voice.  It’s true that they can be fat, hairy, perverted men on the other end, but I don’t believe that…about most of them (Tony…looking at you!).  They have all been super supportive, especially this week when I have been less than myself.


What are your positives this week?



2 thoughts on “Positive Wednesday

  1. Ya for losing weight and online friends!!
    I’m Feeling positive about medication changes…although I loathe them, it gives me another chance to work at my illness.

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