Self Care, Where Have You Been?

I have been struggling a little bit lately.  Nothing major, nothing like how I used to struggle.  It’s been a mixture of womanly hormone changes, and just blah depression.  Now that is has passed, I can say it’s definitely easier to manage and deal with.  That is a major plus.  I can still function, and move through life with a little grace.  I will take it.

I have also learned to allow myself that time to feel sad and blah, because fighting it too much makes it worse.  I have found it doesn’t last nearly as long.  However, it’s also important to remember to do some things that make me smile, in order to not go to deep into it.  Cristi at Motherhood Unadorned recently wrote about needing to do some self-care.  This is so you can do something for YOU, and give yourself the much-needed love and care you deserve.  What she started doing was making jewelry, and mentioned how other friends were crafting.  It reminded me of a project I have been wanting to try, which is making a wreath out of Christmas fabric scraps.  I have no idea why I want to do this, but I am going to take it on after this term ends the first week of December (I have too much coursework to do right now.  Defeats the point, but I really need to focus on school first lol).

Self care is so important.  It’s all about doing something that is just FOR YOU, and makes you happy.  It’s about taking care of yourself, since most mommies I know put the children and families first.  This isn’t just a mommy thing, everyone should be doing it.  Whether you have a job, go to school, are currently unemployed, or anything, you should be taking time for yourself, and taking care of you.

I need to listen to my own advice.  I just recently learned about self-care.  I’m not sure why it is such a foreign concept.  I guess because as a mother, my daughter comes first.  I do for her, and I do for my family.  Their needs outweigh my own, and deserve everything I can give them.  However, is it not also important to give them a mommy and wife that is healthy and happy?  See?  I didn’t think about it that way before either.

Today is a new day.  Self care will become an important item on my To-Do list.  I have been through a lot the last four years, so do I not deserve to do something for me?  I’m not sure why I am asking you, as I know the answer.  Yes, I do deserve it.  My mind has been waging war with me the last four years, and my body is weak.  My mind and body need a break, and need to feel special again.  My daughter and husband will always be at the top of my love list, but my self is right up there now too.

An unhappy mommy makes an unhappy home.

I challenge you to put yourself back at the top of your love and care list.  You deserve it just as much as anybody else you put first.  Find something you love, and do it.  Pamper yourself.  Love yourself.

Care For Yourself!

Your body and mind will thank you later.


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