Positive Wednesday

I failed last week, and did not do a Positive Wednesday post.  I blame the excitement of my mom being here, and the upcoming Thanksgiving feast.  Because of that brain fart, I will try to make this one EXTRA positive.

Positive #1:

I just got the most wonderful, unexpected compliment from an old friend.  It warmed my heart, and made me feel really good.  ❤

Positive #2:

I’m almost done with my first term paper, even if I am second guessing it.  I think I should stick with my first instinct, because I do not understand it any other way.  Maybe he will appreciate that, even if  am off the mark.  It’s the thought, right?

Positive #3:

My second term is almost done.  I have finals next week, and I am very much looking forward to them being done.  This term has been rough mentally, but because of my own doing (or not doing, in this case).  I am ready for the break, and ready to start fresh next term.

Positive #4:

I saw the trailer today for the next WoW expansion, and got a little giddy.  I know, NERD ALERT, but the new playable race has me happy, because I have been wanting them to make this race playable since I started playing.  It will probably come out after I graduate, which is a win.  OK, nerd time over.

What are your positives this week?


2 thoughts on “Positive Wednesday

  1. Ah, your nerdiness is totally adorable!! I am a bit of a Star Wars geek and was thus every excited about the whole Blu Ray thing.

    I was complemented on my progress by my therapist. May not sound like much but I have been have a rough couple of weeks and it was nice to have someone notice how hard I am working to get better.

    Also, I am going to be instructing a kickboxing class and I am so excited about it.

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