Positive Wednesday


Today is Wednesday, so you know what that means (Well, probably only if you have visited my blog before.  If not, hold onto your hat!)!  It’s Positive Wednesday, so let’s find positivity for the week (See?  Told you to hold on to your hat.  That was a whole lot of awesome).

Positive #1:

I made A’s in both of my classes this term!  I am almost positive I made the Dean’s List, which makes my brain smile.  It’s like it’s telling me, “See, I told you that you are smart.”

Positive #2:

I am done with school for a whole month!  I have plans for this month too.  I shall partake in wreath making, cake pop baking (and eating), gingerbread loaf baking (and also eating), and possibly some video game playing.  You know, cause I am a nerd.

Positive #3:

I love coffee.  I discovered the taste and joy of coffee this weekend.  I used to not stand the taste, but with a little 2% milk or creamer, it is delicious!  I was wired the first day of trying it, but haven’t felt that since.  Maybe I need to make it stronger.

Positive #4:

I don’t feel much like writing on my blog, and I am OK with that.  Why is this positive?  Because it means I am doing some things for ME, and enjoying every minute of it.  I have plans this month (see above), and that is all I can think about.  I’m sure I will write from time to time, but I just can’t think of anything to write.  Maybe that is a hint that I should start writing about other things on this blog as well, such as my love of sociology and human rights.  Just letting my readers know it might come up, so you can prepare yourself for the awesome.  Or at least prepare yourself to not read if you have no interest.

What are your positives for this week?


5 thoughts on “Positive Wednesday

  1. Whoa wait…
    No coffee ever?
    Not sure if they sell this in your area, but Coffeemate (no I don’t work for them) makes kick ass creamers. I’m in love with peppermint mocha and right now they have their Christmas flavours like pumpkin spice and sugar cookie.
    Nom nom.
    I love how I’m promoting addiction.
    Also A’s…kick ass.
    And yay to a month off.
    I’m positive about only havingn 18 days left of 2011. Boom to that.

  2. Write what your mind dictates – even the nonsense. Especially the nonsense!

    I too, am glad that another semester is over, and i don’t have to spend another weekend writing 12 pages worth of cited fluff for another month!

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