Educate Yourself: Tips to Cut Out the BS

I am always telling people to educate themselves on whatever decision they have to make. It’s important to not just take the advice of a friend or authority, but to do your own research and reading to come up with the best solution for YOU. I am in the process on educating myself more on a decision I am faced with (more to come at a later date), and finding it very difficult. I have picked up on some things while I have tried educating myself on my problem. Here is some tips for those seeking to educate yourself on whatever it is you’re working through:

1. The internet is both good and evil.

There is so much information out there on just about anything you’re searching for. Be wary of the sources. With all the information out there comes a lot of misinformation. Make sure your sources are reliable and trustworthy, and not just based on opinion. While knowing other people’s experiences can be extremely useful and helpful, it is also important to seek out factual and reliable information. Let’s face it, not everyone will have the same experiences, so it’s important to find information based on fact as well.

Also, if you’re a worrier like myself, it’s best to avoid the internet as much as possible. 🙂

2. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one.

How many times have you talked to someone about a problem, and they gave you advice? It’s great they are trying to help, but asking EVERYONE the same question will give you multiple different answers. It’s important to talk out your problems, as it can be therapeutic and helpful. However, if you’re seeking information or advice, it’s important to keep the number of people you’re asking to a minimum, unless you want a bunch of different assholes…I mean opinions.

Ask people you trust and you know. Ask people knowledgeable in whatever information you’re seeking. If your car broke down, you probably wouldn’t ask the Florist on how to fix it (Unless of course they were also a mechanic, but that’s not the point). My point is, talk with those closest to you, and talk with those who have experience and knowledge. Don’t go further than that because you will get a whirlwind of information that will not only send you into an anxiety attack, but also not help you at all in your decision-making.

3. Trust yourself.

After educating yourself without overloading the system, it’s also important to listen to your instincts. Only you know what is best for YOU. After you have learned the facts on your problem, weigh the pros and cons, and go with your gut. Nobody can tell you what to do, or make the decision for you. The world can only offer up experience and knowledge to help you find your own path. It is up to you to choose, and the first instinct is usually the best.

Now it is time I take my own advice, and work my way to the right decision for ME. I hope these tips are useful for you too.


5 thoughts on “Educate Yourself: Tips to Cut Out the BS

  1. Opinions are like assholes…hee hee.
    I always tell people that they are their own best advocate.
    Learn all you can so that you can ask questions and make better decisions.
    I hope that the decision you are making isn’t too hard.

  2. Sometimes you no matter how much research you do. You either have to follow your head or your heart.. Mind you they can both battle you as well..
    Hope your decision was not a hard one to make

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