The Future of This Blog

The future of this blog is uncertain.  Not the blog itself, as I will continue to write.  I have found myself missing it, but I have also found myself in a state of writers block.  I have things to say, but when I sit down to say them, they disappear, or fight to stay in my head.  I am hoping it’s just a blog thing, and not a school thing, since school started again for me today.  I have so much to write this term, the words better find their way out.

What I mean by the title is what the content will be.  I am positive I will have tons to write about PPD, but beyond that, I am unsure.  I have a BIG year with lots of events happening, so I am sure there will be lots to write.  I guess the uncertainty is coming from within, as I have a lot of uncertainty floating around my head right now.  Stay tuned later this week for an announcement on what those thoughts are.

ALSO, stay tuned in the next couple of days for a GIVEAWAY!  My dear friend Jennifer has an Etsy shop, and designs and makes jewelry.  My blog is 6 months old this month, and in honor of that she has made a piece for me to giveaway.  I can’t wait!

I just wanted to let my readers know all is well, and things will pick back up shortly.  🙂


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