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For Charity

The sun may not always shine. Life may seem too hard. But you have me. My shoulder is soft for you to cry on, And my arms are good for hugs. My heart is open to help ease your pain, And my back is strong to carry you through. You have so much love and … Continue reading

Fill The Universe

You’re suffering and hurting. I wish I could do something, Anything for you. All I can do is love. I can fill the universe with it. I can show you how much you’re loved. Even by those you’ve never met. I can try to lift you up, And help you find some balance. I can … Continue reading

With Love and Support

It’s Suicide Prevention Week, and I must be in a poetic mood.  This is a message of love and support to anyone who is in that dark place.  With love and support, you are not alone. You are beautiful Inside and out. You love so much.  And care. You give so much of yourself. If … Continue reading

She Needs Her Mommy

This is my attempt at putting down my thoughts today in a new form.  I’m not poetic, but I tried.  That’s all I can do, is try. I’m not suicidal, please do not be scared. I will own it and say I did think it would be easier, but the lines in the poem after … Continue reading