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Share Your Story; Save a Life

  Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.  Today is a day to remember those that we have lost to suicide, to help those in the darkness, to educate ourselves, and to share our own personal stories.  Sharing your own story, whether your own or someone you love, is a great step at healing from the … Continue reading

With Love and Support

It’s Suicide Prevention Week, and I must be in a poetic mood.  This is a message of love and support to anyone who is in that dark place.  With love and support, you are not alone. You are beautiful Inside and out. You love so much.  And care. You give so much of yourself. If … Continue reading

She Needs Her Mommy

This is my attempt at putting down my thoughts today in a new form.  I’m not poetic, but I tried.  That’s all I can do, is try. I’m not suicidal, please do not be scared. I will own it and say I did think it would be easier, but the lines in the poem after … Continue reading

Suicide Prevention Week

Today starts National Suicide Prevention Week, September 4-10. September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. It is SO important to recognize the signs of suicidal thoughts. Below is a list of warning signs for suicide: Increased Isolation – From family and friends Alcohol or Drug Use Increases Expression of negative attitude toward self Expression of … Continue reading

I’m F**kin’ Perfect!

Once you accept the fact that you’re not perfect, then you develop some confidence.  ~Rosalynn Carter OK, so I am not really perfect, but that is the point.  I am f**kin’ perfect, which means I am perfect as I am, and in who I am.  I have my flaws just like everybody else, but if … Continue reading

I Do Not Condone It, but I Understand

Life is so precious, it can be lost in an instant.  Many people to not associate death with depression, it is often just thought of as sadness and moping.  While death is not always associated with depression, it most certainly can be.  It’s often called murder, or suicide. I read an article this morning about … Continue reading


I wear this crown of thorns Upon my liar’s chair Full of broken thoughts I can not repair.  ~ Trent Reznor, but also performed by Johnny Cash (my favorite version) I am not sure of the meaning that Trent had for these lyrics, and they might quite possibly have a different meaning for me.  For … Continue reading

Death by Suicide

Suicide is preventable, but sometimes people just do not realize that.  Sometimes I think people just ignore warning signs, as if it will just go away and the person will get better without acknowledging it.  It doesn’t just go away, and a person showing signs of suicidal thoughts should be taken very seriously. There have … Continue reading

Treatment, or Lack Thereof

Treatment is rather important in dealing and coping with depression.  Unfortunately for me, I did not seek treatment for some time after kiddo was born.  It all goes back to feelings of shame and fear.  If I seek treatment and tell the doctor how I feel, will they commit me or take my daughter away?  … Continue reading


I would like to start by posting a couple of phone numbers for everyone.  These numbers are for suicide prevention lifelines.  While calling 911 or seeking help at an emergency room is best, these lifelines are there when you need help and need to talk.  If you are suicidal, please seek help by calling 911 … Continue reading