Positive Wednesday

  Today is Wednesday, so you know what that means (Well, probably only if you have visited my blog before.  If not, hold onto your hat!)!  It’s Positive Wednesday, so let’s find positivity for the week (See?  Told you to hold on to your hat.  That was a whole lot of awesome). Positive #1: I … Continue reading

Did I Forget Again?

When did I become so forgetful?  My mind has been escaping me for a few years now.  I attribute it to when I started suffering from PPD.  I forget things almost immediately, and if I do not write them down, they are lost forever.  Some things it’s not so important, like something I need at … Continue reading

The Queen’s Curse

, there was a Princess who was the sweetest in all the land.  Her name was Princess Bermantha, and she could make birds sing with her loving smile.  She was a true and beautiful soul, and was cherished throughout the land. Princess Bermantha’s mother, Queen Cole, loved the Princess more than anyone could imagine.  Princess … Continue reading

I’m Here, But Not Really

I sat down at my laptop this morning with the intent on writing something witty, creative, thoughtful, or something equally positive.  However, this is my last week of school this term, and my mind is only focusing on my paper and finals.  So, with that said, read the picture above again.  I will be back … Continue reading

Positive Wednesday

I failed last week, and did not do a Positive Wednesday post.  I blame the excitement of my mom being here, and the upcoming Thanksgiving feast.  Because of that brain fart, I will try to make this one EXTRA positive. Positive #1: I just got the most wonderful, unexpected compliment from an old friend.  It … Continue reading

Baring Your Soul: Just Write

  I have never been the type to keep a journal.  I had a diary growing up, but made maybe one entry in it.  I just never saw the need to write out my feelings, and anything else that came to mind. This past summer, I decided to start this blog.  I was still battling … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hahahaha, I had to go there Happy Thanksgiving! I realize Canada has already celebrated Thanksgiving, and I am unsure if anyone else in the world celebrates this at any time.  It doesn’t really matter, because everyone should be thankful everyday for what they have, and sometimes don’t have. What I am thankful for: My husband’s … Continue reading

I Have A Confession

While I was reading over at Jenn’s blog yesterday, I realized something major.  Here is my confession: I have not taken my pills on a consistent daily basis for over a month.  On top of that, I have not taken them at all in over a week. It’s no wonder I have been feeling less … Continue reading